3 forgókaros standard beléptető automata kapu S318

Magas minőségű, automata 3 forgókaros beléptető kapu.

Bridge right angle standard tripod turnstile 1200*280*1000mm Forgókaros beléptető astrasec
Csomag kiszállítás - 30 kg-ig szállítás ide: 0 Ft
Személyes átvétel szállítás ide: 0 Ft
Fogyasztói ár883,920 Ft
Leírás "1. The brake lever to: one-way, two-way (optional); Has a variety of work mode selection, can be bi-directional current limit read card, also can read the card is closed, another direction, free passage read card, another direction 2. Have emergency power function, power brake rod rod falling, electricity pole on the manual 3. Can be to hook up with a variety of reading card equipment; 4. Automatic reset function: after opened, within the prescribed period of time does not pass the system will automatically lock, transit time is adjustable "